About Us

At present, OB Radio is a 24/7 live radio, hosting live interviews with the leaders of the IFBB, Presidents of affiliated Continental and National Federations, Professionals, Amateurs, Industry Captains, that is heard in any part of the World via the link . OB Radio brings the story at your comfort zone.

OB Radio was a weekly show launched two years ago, with the concept of informing, educating the Wellness, Fitness and Bodybuilding fans with the most up to date information from the Experts, Amateurs and Professional athletes in Fitness and Bodybuilding industry on the 20th of March, 2015.

It was created by Soye Elekima, the programme hosts interviews with superstar guests in the Fitness and bodybuilding industry, including: Athletes, Celebrities, Judges, Gym Owners, Leaders, Promoters and Supplement, Equipment and Apparels Companies as well as field questions from fans in the fitness world.
This show delivers breaking news in the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding, both Amateur and Professional. Our main objective is to provide the Fans a weekly informative avenue to learn from the best in the Sport and Fitness Industry. We will read Emails from Fans and Sponsoring Companies, as well as field Call-In Questions from everyday supporters of the Fitness and Bodybuilding world.


“This is just amazing! We are pleased to hear from you these great news”

IFBB President: Dr. Rafael Santonja

“This is the best project for keeping our sport in an active way” 

IFBB President: Dr. Rafael Santonja

“I’m delighted about this development, our sports will be in good shape”

Special Assistance to the IFBB President: Dr. Adel Fahim Elsayed

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