Some of the best exercises out there can end up either causing a serious injury or lead to wasting of time at the gym if they are performed incorrectly, the most common mistake can be fixed if you could pay attention to this today.

By learning these mistakes, you will be able to see change and reliable progress without having injuries.


  1. The first thing I want to look into is the standing shoulder press.

A lot of persons tend to make the mistake of pressing the bar and taking it forward instead of directly above your head, thereby applying too much pressure on your lower back and shoulders which makes the movement becomes very difficult. So, you should concentrate more on pressing the bar directly over your shoulder instead of forward.

  1. The second mistake is falling back too much, this is probably caused by a weak care muscle or poor shoulder mobility and it can actually lead to spine/lower back injury.

  2. The third mistake on the shoulder press is excessive arching on the spine. when performing the seated press, you should always make sure your waist is all the way back to get the press correctly.


The next exercise I want to look into is the pull ups. Now a lot of persons (beginners) categories pull ups to be a very difficult exercise and that’s because they make a lot of mistakes while doing it.

  1. The first mistake I want to look into is poor range of motion. A lot of beginners don’t go up till the elbows are fully extended leading to a half rep or not coming down enough to your chin, this usually happens when you not strong enough to carry your own body weight. Without an assistance to fix the work on perfecting exercises like lat pull down and barbell rows you could try using an assisted pull up machine or a resistant band to pull up, this could be helpful before you get strong enough to do the work out yourself.

  2. Another common mistake is swinging your body. Doing this for a CrossFit workout it’s not a problem but for muscle building it’s seen as a bad form that could lead to an injury or inactive set.


Squatting is by far the best exercise you could do, but without a proper form it could be very dangerous because of the joints and muscles involved in this movement, for example the:

Hip mobility

Knee stability

Ankle mobility

Lumber mobility etc.

  1. The popular mistakes made especially for beginners is the lower back rounding forward. This is a bad movement because if your lower back is not arch you increase the risk of getting an injury or steaming the lower back muscle. So, by focusing and pushing the chest up and holding your shoulder blad backwards while maintaining a tight core can also help and also using the breath control technique which is taking deep breaths before going down can also be helpful.

  2. Not going down on the squat enough can lead to an injury.

  3. Allowing your bones to collapse inward

  4. Not beeping your hills on the floor. This can easily damage your ligament, so when squatting always remember to point your knees outward and beep the zone stance (on your feet below your hight) to beep the quads engaged.


The bench press is another exercise a lot of beginners tend to make mistakes on while doing, it is also what mostly everybody looks out for when they enter a weight room, but it can also be the worst thing to do if done wrongly. To carry out a proper bench press movement you must take the S shape which is arching your back, placing your feet strongly on the floor for balance and gripping the bar tightly, not doing this will leave you at the risk of an injury and another thing you should look out for is if the weight used is a compatible weight for a rep range of 10-12 to get a good activation on the pecks.

You also need to watch out for the chest elastic limit so you don’t overly extend your arms thereby loosing the proper range of motion.

All these mistakes if paid attention to will lead to less injuries and a productive workout.

                                                                                                      Davies David


Following the Fast-paced industrialized world and the undeniable advancement in technology today, humans have seemed to forget the purpose of creation. Humans were created to be active in ancient times, multi-day hunting and gathering, journey were necessary for survival. Dancing and cultural games were a key part of celebration and taking long walks or riding on a bicycle to neighbouring villages to visit family and friends which would often take several hours were seen as part of daily activity.

Inactivity increases your risk of cardiovascular disease like cancer and diabetes. Being active helps to control weight and strengthens bones. Exercise also releases natural antioxidant, boosting your immune system and live longer.

It has also been confirmed by studies that exercise helps to balance blood sugar level and  skeletal frame

The US department of health and human services has reported that approximately 80% of Americans do not meet up with the national physical activity and approximately 25% are not active at all, for good health we should try to be active every day. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensive exercise everywhere and also muscle strengthening activities for at least 2 days in a week and use a routine that works on the entire anatomy such as the legs, back, chest, arms etc.

This should include major movement like squats, dead lift, bench press etc. The benefit of exercise cannot be over emphasized.

Davies David




From the time you start eating your food till it digests, they are many things that can happen which could be negative or positive on your testosterone level, energy level and your waistline, I know to build a good amount of muscle you need to eat but the question is, do you eat according to your goals.
They are some foods that are necessary for men in regards to testosterone production that can aid muscle growth and other biological functions, so you don’t just make weights around without getting any result, and if you expect to hear your favourite food then I guess you should be a fan of high-quality natural food. The first on my list is.
I know you are not expecting to hear this but garlic is great for your cardiovascular health in so many different ways. We see a lot of people meeting in gyms giving the impression that the gym is not safe, whereas they just push pass their H.T.R causing them problems like cardiac arrest, but if your cardiovascular endurance is strong enough then I believe we won’t be experiencing problems. Garlic also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels; it also improves blood circulation especially when it’s taking with vitamin c. if your worried about the smell of garlic on you, they are different odourless garlic supplement you could get. Next on my list is.
Emphasis will be on salmon as we already know that omega 3 fatty acid are important for an overall health and wellbeing and an increase level of deficiency of omega 3 fatty acid may include:
1. Heart disease
2. Depression
3. Body inflammation
4. Vision problems.
So, in other to stay healthy physically you need to consider what you put in your mouth, and not getting enough omega 3 fatty acid, increase the rise to body fat percentage while reducing the possibly of adding muscle mass, and to get omega 3 naturally in your body you need fish. Another important high-quality source can be found in:
Egg has to be considered as one of the best foods to eat to build your muscle. This is not because they are loaded with protein but because they are loaded with H.D.L and other nutrient that support muscle growth, now before you get worried about cholesterol you should know that an egg yolk contains 70% of the HDL which are the good cholesterol and 30% of the LDL (bad cholesterol) and the cholesterol in eggs is crucial for muscle growth. Another beneficial food for man in production of testosterone level is.

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men with countless reasons, unfortunately for men testosterone has been on the decline and they are couple reasons for this including the fact that most men are now sedentary, like consuming more processed food, sleeping for fewer hours and over exercising. The good news is that ginger can actually help cause a review in 2018 showed that ginger supplement and consumption enhance testosterone level in males, another study carried out in IRAQ shows that after treating 75 infertile men with ginger for 3 months their testosterone level increased by 17.7% so, getting to your fitness goals should start internally and ginger is your catch.
Don’t take it to heart if I didn’t mention things like chicken, broccoli etc. all of those are perfect for growth too I hope you all have a great start, eat right and get to your fitness/wellness goals.

Davis David

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